Book of Judges


This morning we are beginning a new series in the Old Testament Book of Judges. Now I wanted to read the section that I just read because of the wonderful way it encapsulates the whole story and message of the Book of Judges.

It does that even though what it says is not particularly pleasant. You see the Book of Judges is not a very happy book. In fact, I think it is proper to say that the Book of Judges is a dark book, even a distressing book.

It is a dark book both because of the story it tells and because the characters it portrays are characterized by failure.

You see Judges portrays, in almost excruciating detail the failure, the repeated failure, of the nation of Israel to do what God demanded of it.

As the book develops, things get worse, people get worse, actions get worse and their suffering resulting from God’s righteous anger gets worse.

And since that is true, and it is true, then the question becomes, “Is there no good news in the book at all.”

Well, yes there is.

I think Judges also reveals something of God’s infinite patience and mercy toward us in Christ.

You see when we forgive, if we forgive, we are apt to forgive only once.

But our God is not so harsh. He is quick to forgive. He is quick to show mercy. He is quick to draw us back to Himself and He is quick to do that because of His covenantal faithfulness, a covenantal faithfulness that is extended to us no place else as it is in the person of Christ.