Post Tenebras Lux


The phrase Post Tenebras Lux came to be adopted as the Calvinist motto, and was subsequently adopted as the motto of the entire Protestant Reformation. It is used by John Calvin’s adopted city of Geneva, Switzerland on their coins. As a mark of its role in the Calvinist movement, the motto is engraved on the Reformation Wall, in Geneva, and the Huguenot Monument, in Franschhoek, South Africa.

Welcome to Post Tenebras Lux. PTL includes a variety of sermons and teaching lessons on various books of the Bible as well as traditional reformed history. The available sermons and teaching aids are free to use.

About Tom Browning

Post Tenebras Lux was created by Tom Browning. He is an ordained minister in Presbyterian Church in America and Bible Department Head at Colleyville Christian Academy. He holds a Th.M from Dallas Theological Seminary.

It is my hope that that the light that was rediscovered during the protestant reformation will continue to find fertile soil in the hearts and minds of God’s people who cherish the written Word  and seek to glorify God in their family lives and churches until the light of the world returns.


Tom Browning’s excerpt on Why the Reformation Matters in previewing how the Lord Jesus Christ restored the gospel to His church. Tom describes that the truth that men were made right with God, through the righteousness that Christ provides, was recovered, preached and shouted from the housetops.

October 31st, 2017 celebrated the 500th year anniversary of the impact of Martin Luther in re-discovering and restoring the historical gospel of Jesus to the Church.